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Monthly Archives: September 2004

>We’ve had a problem with our septic tank for a while. I phoned this guy to empty it and to check what’s the problem. He turned up today with his tractor and tank. He emptied our septic tank. Then he went INTO IT. He checked the percolation outlets, etc…. Yuk. He was standing in it! When he was finishing up, we were talking. He gave me a lecture about the best ham sandwiches he ever had. So, after this it’ll be a long time before I can have a ham sandwich again.

>I’ve neglected my blog. Sorry.

Mona is back home but still unwell, or rather, convalescent.

We’ve examined and graded this year’s Interactive Media and Music Tech students.

Now, it’s back to normal term time again with teaching and supervision as normal.

I’m hoping to have a break, around Halloween, in West Clare. I need it. We’ve rented a lovely cottage. The first thing on my packing list, apart from digital camera, was my Sushi-making kit. In Carrigaholt, you can get really fresh fish.

>Thursday evening, she told me that she wasn’t comfortable and that her lower abdomen felt sore. Then her temperature increased. Friday morning, we called in to our GP and then to the Regional Hospital. By 5 p.m. she was on IV antibiotics and by 6 back in the ward. What’s next?

>The last couple of days have been beautiful but IMHO too warm. The other evening we stayed in the garden until around 9 p.m. – in shorts and T-shirts. Unfortunately the temperature in the labs at UL is unbearable and I wonder what it might do to our experimental results. We’re talking about people testing a new human-computer interface and humans tend to feel uncomfortable when the temp hits 30 C and it’s really humid.

It’s been a good day, though. With the assistance of Mark Marshall we got Larry de Cleir’s latest song recorded and then Terence’s thesis survived Liam’s final review, so it’s a great day after all. What remains today (or rather tonight) is to finish reading Bruce’s thesis and hopefully spend some time on analysing preliminary results from our experiments with soft-buttons and try to write it up before Friday.