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Monthly Archives: August 2007

>It’s been a good day. I’ve been working at home on the …. PhD. While trying to re-conciliate some odds and ends on where and how we start thinking about sound making I came across some really good and funny sources.
First of all, I remember going o various music hall and variety shows in the 1960’s and onwards where, quite often, one of the acts would be the sound guy. This was normally some short funny stories where the performer created all the sound effects with his or her voice (or body) live, on stage. Part of the trick was the performers understanding of how to use or utilize the microphone [perspective] in relation to their voice and body.
While trying to find a written source on this topic, I found Fred Newman’s book Mouthsounds, which I immediately ordered. Continuing to refine my search terms, I also found some very good examples on YouTube:
Joe Saba
Harry Potter sound f/x
Amazing beat box
Listen and enjoy!

>Over the last couple of weeks, Softday has completed yet another interesting piece of electroacoustic music. This time, we had an invite from Germany to create something about Orpheus. We looked at all kinds of source materials and eventually landed on the parallels in Irish mythology. The result will be released on some kind of German compilation CD.

>It’s been busy weeks. To calm the soul, we tune in to Eldorado, Kjell Alinge’s weekly webcast. This is audio art. Audio exploration. Audio experience. Audio appreciation. Audio fun. Audio erotica. Tickling your ear drums. Touching your brain, or perhaps, your soul (or psyche…). Tune in – let go. Relax. Go to Eldorado.