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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Sean and I (softday) installed our inflatable pool in the (Limerick City Gallery. The exhibition opens on Thursday… We had a great day out, as always, immersed in creative thoughts and action (pumping, inflating the bloody pool!).

This evening we had our home-grown artichokes for dinner. Wow. I love artichokes and normally buy them either (semi) fresh or canned. But I have never tasted artichokes this good, cooked 10 minutes after harvest.
So now you know that artichokes can be successfully grown in Ireland!

>I hate it. And love it.This evening, in so called semi-finals, I loved Moldovia. Slightly ethnic, good stage show, interesting music with contemporary flavour. In all the acts the scenography (the set) was great. Well down to Ukraine.
My main worry is that the backing appears to nowadays be backing tracks, not a live real orchestra, which results in lack of real live performance emotion. Why?
[well I can think of a number of reasons why, but it’s kind of counterproductive]

>Wow. Quite a difference, from one Sunday to another. Last week, it was all score, this week, all blues and rock. The Olde Band got together and we palyed the Globe, or rather, Thermights. Small audience, but if word spreads and we agree to another gig it could be a good venue.

>It’s finished. Done. Broadcast. Last night, TXTULTR was performed and broadcast, via air and the web.
Thanks to the staff of Lyric fm, the audience (on site and radio listeners), friends, neighbours and Mona.