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At art&craft fairs, you see some visitors who look at your handmade artefacts but lacking understanding of the difference between a handcrafted object and imported mass produced things. Therefore, they don’t understand the value of real unique handcrafted work and things destined for landfill.

It is increasingly important for crafts people to show how things are made, on-site, to help develop an understanding of the processes and the hard work for making authentic crafts. Let your visitors try too!

We are looking for a house in West Cork that we can “rent” for, let’s say, €1 per year. In return, we’ll do it up to become a living studio-gallery-house. It may be semi-derelict or run down at present.
I am quite confident that whoever can offer us this can also get a tax break in return.
I never bought a house. I always rented a flat or a house. When moving from Sweden to Ireland in 1991, I continued to rent. Irish people looked at me in horror when I told them I was just renting a house.
Now, I have lived in the same rented house in Co. Limerick for 22 years, payed rent and maintained it, but when I retire we won’t be able to afford the rent. Further more, we’d like to settle down in West Cork. We need to move on.
To contact me, see details here



Mona – the love of my life.


An ash I know,
Yggdrasil its name,
With water white
is the great tree wet;
Thence come the dews
that fall in the dales,
Forever green it grows
by the well of Urd.

From there comes maidens
mighty in wisdom,
Three from the dwelling
down beneath the tree;
Urd is one named,
Verdandi the next,
On  wood they carved,
the name and Skuld the third.
Laws they made there,
and life allotted
to the children of humans,
the fate of humanity.

She saw Valkyries
approaching from afar,
Ready to ride
to the ranks of Godtjod;
Skuld carried shield,
and Skogul rode next,
Gunn, Hild, Gondul,
and Geirskogul.
Now Herjan’s maidens
the list have ye heard,
Valkyries ready
to ride on the earth.

The sun turns black,
earth sinks in the sea,
Flaming stars down
from heaven falls;
Fierce grows the steam
and the life-feeding flame,
Till fire leaps high
about heaven itself.

Now she can see
the earth anew
Rise all green
from the sea again;
Water falls,
and the eagle flies,
And fish he catches
beneath the cliffs.

A better burden
may no one carry
than lots of wisdom.
It is better than gold
when traveling on unknown ways,
And in grief a refuge it gives.

Only one knows
that have traveled wide
and afar
what manner of mind
that guides us all.
She knows the wealth of wisdom.

Fire is best
for children of humans
And power to see the sun;
good is health
if one can keep it,
and to live a life without shame.

Not bereft of all
is she who is ill,
some are blessed with children,
some with kin
some with wealth,
and some with well done work.

Cattle die,
kindred die,
Everyone is mortal:
But the good name
never dies
of she who has done good deeds.

I tell you, Loddfafnir,
and my advise you should receive;
You will benefit, if you follow,
it will be of good use
If you fain wouldst win
a woman’s love,
And happiness get from her,
Fair be thy promise
and well fulfilled;
One is happy
for what good one gets.

The powerful songs I know
that king’s wives don’t know,
Nor men that are sons of men;
The first is called help,
and help it can bring thee
In sorrow and pain
and all suffering.

Hail to the Asir!
Hail to the Asynjas!
Hail to the beautiful earth!
Words and wisdom
give to us all,
and healing hands
for as long as we live.

(an attempt to translate a selection of verses from the Poetic Edda)

You can always trust bankers. They will make you pay, one way or the other. Even if you’re loosing your home in the process or if you can’t afford food or health care, rest assured that the bankers can be trusted to bleed you dry until your withering bones are dry and disintegrate in the cold wind.

You can always trust politicians. They will lie to you to get you to vote for them to allow them to rip you off to enrich themselves while reducing your freedom and your rights, to make you more controllable and docile.

You can always trust a bookie, oh….

A first sketch of a new custom controller.

  • Sliders fading up and down
  • Knobs for turning
  • Cranks for turning
  • Buttons for activation – perhaps with aftertouch (force sensitive)
  • Switches for turning things on or off.
  • Wheels for turning
  • Squishy things for squeezing

USB i/o, perhaps using OSC protocol.

Build in a flight case.

controller sketch

I was walking up and down the aisles in the local shopping emporium the other day, carefully comparing prices and quality of things. I cannot for my life understand why so many different kinds of soap, tooth paste and toilet paper are needed or wanted. The latter category is really absurd. While it might be nice to be gentle to oneself, I find the associations used by marketeers utterly crazy. Who the hell wants to wipe their bum with a rabbit, puppy, small bear or kitten? Does the butterfly brand provide a particular fluttering tickle when used?

And why are most of them marked with “New Improved”? It’s toilet tissue!

I woke up this morning to blazing sunshine and blue skies. While having my morning cup of maté, I received an email that really mad me both sad and angry. Email is after all a very crude means of communication and while the sender probably didn’t intend to do damage, it did.
Later, while driving into Limerick city, despite the warm weather I closed the windows of my car and had a good 5 minute primal scream therapy while being patiently stuck in a queue. That somewhat helped. 20 minutes later, I tried to speak but my voice was almost gone! Now, several hours later, I think I actually managed to scar my vocal chords in my therapeutic attempt. So, anger and sadness is gone, but so is my voice for the time being.

Blue sky

Yesterday I borrowed a new gadget that we’ve received – a spherical mirror adapter for DSLR and Video cameras that allows you to take surround pictures.

The optics work well, but the UnWrap software has some bug when generating QuickTimeVR panoramas (at least the OSX version).

I really enjoyed Trevor Wishart‘s Encounters in the Republic of Heaven at the launch of our new “label” the Digital Media Arts research Centre (DMARC) at the University of Limerick today. The 8-channel work sent my mind wandering, at times in synesthesia, and in general it was a very positive audio experience.

>The Lovely Weather Donegal Artists Residencies, a ground breaking art & science project examines the issues of climate change in County Donegal, Ireland.

In 2008, Virginia Institute of Marine Science Professor Robert Diaz showed that the number of “dead zones”—areas of seafloor with too little oxygen for most marine life—had increased by a third between 1995 and 2007. Diaz and collaborator Rutger Rosenberg of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that dead zones are now “the key stressor on marine ecosystems” and “rank with over-fishing, habitat loss, and harmful algal blooms as global environmental problems.” The study, which appeared in the August 15, 2008 issue of the journal Science, tallied 405 dead zones in coastal waters worldwide, affecting an area of 95,000 square miles, about the size of New Zealand.

It is currently estimated that there are 20 such ‘dead zones’ in Ireland and two ‘contested dead zones’ were identified in the study at both Killybeg’s Harbour (1999) and Donegal Bay (2000). With a number of unique and purpose designed statistical algorithms and heuristics, Softday (visual artist Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernström)  have translated the scientific/environmental data of the Dead Zones into abstract ‘live’ sound sonifications and vocalisations.
On Saturday the 16th of October 2010, at 19:00, Softday will stage the world premiere of ‘Marbh Chrios (Dead Zone)‘, a live performance of a unique multimedia sound art work, in Mooney’s Boatyard, Killybegs, County Donegal. The computer generated music composition that the Donegal Youth Orchestra and the Softday Céilí Band will perform, is constructed utilising eight years of related marine data. Admission to the event is free, please contact Terre Duffy at the Regional Culture Centre, Letterkenny for further information:, mobile: 087 2508373

This project was made possible with the support of the Regional Cultural Centre / Donegal County Council Public Art Office in partnership with Leonardo/Olats, Met Éireann, Marine Institute of Ireland, Aquafact International Services Ltd, County Donegal VEC, Donegal Music Education Partnership, Killybegs and District Chamber of Commerce Ltd, the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation Ltd, Mooney’s Boatyard, and the Marine & Heritage Centre Killybegs. Further project information from: Softday.