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Monthly Archives: September 2007

>Very early morning. Got out of bed 05:00 and arrived Hilton at 07:00. No sign of iBahn, Hiton’s preferred ISP. After 35 minutes we found iBahn’s technician. but no conference code. I phoned all their support lines, without luck.
After some coffee and more telephone calls, and some nasty emails via Hilton’s free Internet, we got the Conference Code.
Suddenly all rooms worked, but one. The Harris room net was not working. It was a patch cord in the wrong place.
Hilton had also managed to swap vga feeds between conference rooms!
Finally, just before 09:00, everything worked. At the end of the day, I have to say that Hilton‘s and iBahn‘s efforts are quite unprofessional…

>It’s been one of those… significant weekends. Coming out from the local shopping centre, Hugin (or Munin) was talking to me. The Raven speaks, the Raven flies…

Saturday, we had Sushi. Sunday, we had lobster (see older blogs for pictures)
We [re-]watched the movie Ray [Charles]
I cried and laughed.