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Monthly Archives: November 2005

>I’ve borrowed the title of this posting from a song my brother’s band recorded.
That’s what life is like, right now. I’m having the heaviest teaching load in years and I’m also managing the IDC, projects, students, etc…
Deadlines and emails are piling up. All the spam (f***k you) is not making it easier. UL isn’t making it easier is their daft email servers don’t block all the rubbish, and I have noticed that some email I send is never received and vice versa. We can’t trust the net anymore. If things don’t improve I might as well buy a typewriter and start buying stamps again.

>For the first time as a university lecturer, they are asking me to lecture to 1st years, tomorrow. While preparing my notes this evening, I felt that I should give a personal perspective on Computer Science. Back in the early 80s I started to develop a programming language that I called Russell after Bertrand Russell (after reading Principia Mathematica and discussing set theory with people on-line). So, I decided to Google Russell programming language and found this . Scary stuff. The implication is that somebody in the Swedish government agency NUTEK (which was called STU at the time) must have leaked everything I sent them… I think I know who it was, but can’t remember his name. That’s old age for you!

>We had a great week out in west county Clare. Mostly nice weather. Great fish. Good reading. Total disconnection and relaxation. Thanks!