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Monthly Archives: March 2007

>Yesterday, I got my AppleTV box. As I wanted to connect it to the home cinema system, I thought I’d be OK using the RGB output. I then discovered that the RGB output is actually YPbPr, so I’ve now bought extra cables, ordered a SyncBlaster RGB to Component video Transcoder from Keene Electronics in the UK.
Apple needs to update their documentation!
A postive discovery while going through all possible troubleshooting from Apple was that AppleTV at least uses a simple form of Auditory Display to indicate what it’s doing while going through all its possible screen resolutions and synch options. The AppleTV box goes PING every time it changes screen settings and finally PING-PING when it has completed the cycle and restarts.

>It was with delight I received bread and tech‘s note about suborderly‘s arrival on blogger. I hope that we can further develop the concepts of art and anarchytecture!

>So, finally it’s here again. The Equinox. Or, as we should call it, Vårblot. In the image below, you can see us dancing around the garden naked, while drinking and chanting (at midnight 😉

>I’ve started to write a piece of music/performance for the ConGas concert in Reykjavik. I’m using a set of natural sounds – wind, rain, geysers, birds, etc., that I re-synthesize and make controllable from Tyndall WIMU-motes through PD. The reason for the title is that horizontal rain is one thing that Ireland and Iceland have in common.

>This weekend, the four horses are gone from the field down from our garden. Great! Despite the gloomy gray weather, with rain and wind, we had a lovely spring walk down the field. It’s mucky. After all rain, and four horses trampling around the fields for months, it’s more muck than turf.
The first few buds are turning into leaves on the trees. There’s hope again.