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Monthly Archives: April 2006

>The other day when we were driving into the woods in county Halland, we passed the Grimmeton Radio Station. I was delighted to see the place again and that it’s now (since 2004) a World Heritage site. The station was built in 1920 by GE and further developed by a Swedish engineer, Mr. Alexandersson. It’s still in working condition.



Grimmeton Map

>I have discovered that a country can be characterized by its baggage trollies in airports.
Ireland: Trolley normally can roll freely, brakes only apply when handle is pulled.
Sweden: Trolley normally can’t roll, brakes have to be released by pulling handle while pushing the trolley.
So, in essence, I think this reflects the general mentality of a country and its people.

>I really enjoy writing this – Microsoft is crap. This evening I was doing some quick calculations, fiddling around with Microsoft Excel (as too many people do). When I tried 2^64 – 1, the answer was surprising! It didn’t do the subtraction….!!!! To check when this happens I did up a simple Excel sheet (can be downloaded from here), and lo and behold for any number above 2^50 Microsoft Excel craps out.
So what are the implications of this?
We’ll there are banks, governments, hospitals, students, anybody using Microsoft Excel. When they use really big and important numbers, Microsoft Excel steals the results. How can you trust anything coming from Microsoft? You can’t. So don’t use it.

>In an attempt to speed up our recovery from our current cold & flu misery, we decided to try my classical Garlic Soup. The only problem was that we didn’t have any mushrooms, but we had Shitake. Looking up these japanese fungi in our herbal books, we noted its supposedly beneficial properties on immune system, etc. So, we made our soup with plenty of garlic and Shitake instead of mushrooms. Oh shit. The soup tasted better than ever, and it felt like a real and almost instant boost to all healthy aspects of life. But, after a few hours tummy-rumbles revealed that the soup had probably knocked out all other natural bugs in our digestive systems, hence Shitake is now, in our hosuehold, renamed Shit-Ake.