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>I really enjoy writing this – Microsoft is crap. This evening I was doing some quick calculations, fiddling around with Microsoft Excel (as too many people do). When I tried 2^64 – 1, the answer was surprising! It didn’t do the subtraction….!!!! To check when this happens I did up a simple Excel sheet (can be downloaded from here), and lo and behold for any number above 2^50 Microsoft Excel craps out.
So what are the implications of this?
We’ll there are banks, governments, hospitals, students, anybody using Microsoft Excel. When they use really big and important numbers, Microsoft Excel steals the results. How can you trust anything coming from Microsoft? You can’t. So don’t use it.

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  1. >Maybe Bill thought noone other than himself would be able to earn over 2^50, and he has a special version that can handle it. Maybe the version you are using emails Bill to warn him that someone else in the world is thinking in terms of numbers as big as him so he can investigate their credentials and try to buy out their company?

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