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Monthly Archives: August 2005

>I just heard that Bob Moog has passed away. Sad, but he had a Great Life! Just imagine, having invented the Moog Synthesizers and over the years hearing your instruments being played by so many and so good musicians and composers. The Moog sounds also have survived the digital era, as many of the samplers and modules you can buy also has Moog sound replicas. The only thing I never accepted was the PolyMoog. It was the first real polyphonic Moog synth and a quite horrible mix of analog and digital electronics (still sounded great, when tuned!).

>A.K.A. holiday, time-off, etc. I’ve had almost 2 weeks off now and I’m getting used to it. It’s great! We’ve been living, socialising, deep sea fishing, fishing locally in the Shannon, watched meteorites… I’m still very concerned about the world but I find myself so lucky to live in a country (Ireland) where we can afford to relax a little and just live for a while, without worrying about everything. By the way, the fishing was great. I’ll propose this as yet another Social Activity for the IDC!