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Monthly Archives: January 2007

>It’s been a very good day. Woke up early, did the dishes, cooked breakfast, walked the dog. Then, and meeting with Liam re MY Phd. It’s now or never. This time it’ll happen. Aarrghhh, just got distracted by Dilbert.

>Watching CES2007, I’m now convinced that Steve Jobs is sharing my visions of the future, or vice versa.
In his Keynote, the iPhone and AppleTV is exactly what’s missing in my life.
Make your next device purchase and Apple. Make you next media purchase iTunes.

>Tonight, I finished writing teh final draft of the RE-NABLE grant proposal to Enterprise Ireland. Last time, they [the reviewers] didn’t like it enough, but this time – well – I can’t see anything better or more important.

>Today, I’ve done a full energy assessment on our house, all according to the stuff published by Sustainable Energy Ireland, the state agency responsible for the energy future of the country, and the EU DEAP directive. It didn’t turn out that well, as expected. The final measure ended up with 293 kWh/m2 which is pretty bad. The main causes are single-glazed windows and not enough insulation in the attic. To make things a little better, I’ll try to shop around town tomorrow and get a new set of thermostats and timers to improve the performance of the boiler.