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Monthly Archives: November 2004

>This evening we went to the opening concert of Sionna, the Irish and international festival for music, dance and performing arts. We heard Sabreen (from Palestine) a really great band playing very exciting and interesing music; and radio Tarifa (from Spain) who were good but working more on showmanship than music.

>The weather today is great, blue skies, sunshine and no wind. We packed our gear, cleaned the house, and went down to Lyon’s to buy fish to bring home. Then, we drove to Donaha beach. We spent a few hours there. It was so nice, no need for heavy sweaters, just shirt with short sleeves. Finally we headed back towards Limerick. This evening, back in my own kitchen, I cooked monkfish tail, with spuds and veg.

>Today we did Carrigaholt beach. As the tide was out we walked all along the beach while Charlie kept requesting us to throw his ball into the sea, as usual. We then went for a drive out towards Loop Head to check out a house for sale in Ross Bay. Then, back to Carrigaholt for a late lunch in the Long Dock – Chowder and Crab Salad respectively. This evening we cooked turbot, again, but this time as fricassee.

>It’s quite pleasant weather today as the fog is gone. It’s overcast and no wind. After breakfast I went down to Lyon’s and bought two fresh turbots. I guess one would be enough, but with all this lovely fish we might as well indulge while we’re here. The recipe I have in mind requires some fresh seaweed and the whole fish is then baked on a bed of seaweed in the oven. Hopefully we’ll collect some seaweed during today’s beach walks.

We did Donaha beach, found the seaweed and in the evening we cooked our turbot as planned. It turned out absolutely delicious! It’s one of these recipes you really can’t cook unless you’re by the sea.