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Monthly Archives: September 2006

>It’s been a very intense day. The MetaMusic project is finishing. Handing over a full software system in just a day or so is unreal. But, let’s hope for the best. Justin and I had a few sentimental moments while everybody else were hacking. It’s about four years since this started. Thanks to Andrea Deverell and Paul Dillon, we got it started. Now, it’s finished, thanks to Eoin, Ian, Tony and Brian. I need a holiday.

>So, last week week we examined all I-media and MusicTech stundets. Exciting and exhausting. When I got home Friday night I felt like “I need to get another job”, but today having met the new students I think I’ll give it another year. Our postgrad programmes are, from faculty’s point of view, insane. We don’t get ANY time off. Just when we finish, we start again. Still, I love what the stundents produce – new interesting work and ideas.

>Thanks to Digiweb, we have watched the Swedish Election TV coverage on-line this evening, This is just the start of a new media trend (even in bally-go-backwards contries like Ireland). I want my video iPod – iTV, thingy for Xmas!

>After 2 weeks research, discussions and writing, I’m finally finished with writing a new research grant proposal to Enterprise Ireland. The project RE-NABLE aims to enhance and improve post-stroke rehabilitation, using inertial sensors motes and novel multiplatform software systems. Now, it’s finally bed time.

>I went through a serious dental surgery experince yesterday. The valium didn’t work. Unfortunately, I have a microfracture at the floor of the tooth, hence a full root canal job will not provide a long-term solution. So, I’ve started to research how and what to get for an implant.

This is a titanium screw that they drive into ones jaw, and put a nice and well-working crown on top. As they say, “It’ll last you for life”…

>So… I’m due for the final and ultimate root canal job. This time with a specialist in Ennis! I was up there during the week for examination, and he sure has the right gadgets, but IMHO that’s what I’d expect. While he explained the procedure fairly straight, I’ve decided I’ll need some extra sedative to actually go through with this. I’m picking them up tomorrow morning. Annette has agreed to drive me there, and Mona has agreed to support me. They both suspect that post-surgery, I’ll ask them to stop at every pub between Ennis and Limerick for a pint, as sedatives, they tell me, has this effect on me. Let’s see…