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>So, last week week we examined all I-media and MusicTech stundets. Exciting and exhausting. When I got home Friday night I felt like “I need to get another job”, but today having met the new students I think I’ll give it another year. Our postgrad programmes are, from faculty’s point of view, insane. We don’t get ANY time off. Just when we finish, we start again. Still, I love what the stundents produce – new interesting work and ideas.


  1. >cyberviking, let’s change the course so we give them a grad dip with 2 taught semesters, and then the ones who want can get a masters with some extra work. This would give us the summer off!

  2. >I’m not sure that it is the solution. I hope that this year’s changed rules (start in January, Supervisors, Group projects) might help a lot. we’re stuckwith a financial and regulatory framework. OTH, no matter HOW we do it, We still want OUR students to do really WELL. It’s probably this latter fact that makes it so exhausting.

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