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Monthly Archives: April 2007

>Mon-Wed was used for going to Brussels to participate in launching the new COST action on Sonic Interaction Design.
Apart from work, we had the opportunity to re-explore food in Brussels. I would strongly recommend:
(owners Kzutomi & Kyoko Watanabe)
13 Rue de la Fourche
1000 Bruxells
Phone: 02-5118367

>Yesterday, I heard a tune on radio. I had a vague idea about the band. Immediatly searched iTunes shop – about 150 hits. I was then forced by a traditional list-based interface to double-click, listen for two seconds, double-click on next, etc. With a Sonic Browser, I would have found the tune in no time and Apple would have made money faster!

>This Friday night, the famous Bootleggin Band played at Charco’s Pub in Castleconnell. Mr Shortt made an extensive and fantastic guest performance on saxophone. More gigs during summer….

>This evening we watched an old VHS reel, Hrafninn flýgur, to get inspired for my Horzontal Rain piece. While the story is quite theatrical or epic, it is still a very nice film in terms of showing where Icelandic culture is coming from, its people and conflicts.

>After getting yet another thingie, the YPbPr to RGB transcoder, I finally got my AppleTV working. I’m still missing a SCART cable, but I’ve borrowed one from the DVD for the moment. It works, it’s neat. Now the only missing thing is content, i.e. video. It’s great being able to share and stream music and photos from 5 other computers. One disadvantage is that you can’t get Web Radio, as far as I’ve tried, on the thing.
So remedy the lack of content, I’ll have to define a few clever Final Year Projects to convert all kinds of video content to MPEG so that it can be imported into iTunes and played.
I still haven’t tested if it’ll do surround sound. I think I have all the formats enabled on the sound system…

>According to some sources, the IDC is being privatized!