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>Yesterday, I heard a tune on radio. I had a vague idea about the band. Immediatly searched iTunes shop – about 150 hits. I was then forced by a traditional list-based interface to double-click, listen for two seconds, double-click on next, etc. With a Sonic Browser, I would have found the tune in no time and Apple would have made money faster!


  1. >Ah, sure we’ve know and written about that for years boss!As I said before and will say it again, we should think about this option, then flog the lot to Apple, Microsoft or whoever but then I’m pragmatic when it comes to handovers 😉

  2. >Perhaps you have a point there. As UL currently is requesting research centres to submit business plans and the whole shebang, why not?!!! I thought universities would care about their faculty and resarchers, but UL only wants to know how much maney they can make on us.

  3. >This is great info to know.

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