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Monthly Archives: December 2006

>I wish you a Merry Midwinter. The real midwinter happened 22 minutes past midnight, the 22nd of December. We went out into our garden, reading a verse each from the Old Nordic Edda. Midwinter is a time to reflect upon what happened during the year, in our life.
What can we do, from now on, that will make things better for creatures on this planet – the only one we have… This is, of course, an impossible question. But, the more people that ask themselves this, and understand the question, the better it may become. If you don’ know how to, ask. If you know, just do it and be happy.

>Tonight I realised how right they are. Why travel? If you want to talk about my work, you come HERE. I have heard that Stanley Kubrik refused to travel. For a number of years, I have tried to invite Michael B. Tretow (amongst other things, ABBA’s sound engineer) and Ralph Lundsten (one of the world’s finest electronic music composers). They refused to travel. So, here I am, trying to plan my work for 2007. Invite from European Commission for Luxembourg in January, keynote in York in February. I might skip Luxembourg, but for York I’m currently checking out the possibilities using trains and ferries. That’s life. Hopefully this approach will enable a low CO2 footprint.

>I’ve been really excited for the last few days, since NASA launched the STS-116 mission, including the Swedish (Norwegian?) astronaut Christer Fuglesang. This evening I’ve been watching NASA’s TV-feed while Fuglesang and Curbeam try to do some re-assembly and assembly of some of the gear they brought up on the mission to complete the International Space Station.
I suddenly realised why I would not have been suited for the job. Part of the conversation the two guys had with Houston was asking if they would be allowed to use a different sized wrench to untighten a bolt. I would surely have picked the tool I found appropriate and done the job. I guess from the likes of NASA’s point-of-view, that would be unacceptable frm a disciplinary point of view.

>Today, we had Mr James Devine working with us. We’re testing him and the software we have developed for him. Our software enables real-time analysis of tap dancing, in terms of taps per second. Today, James broke his own Guinness World Record. His fastest tappng today was: 43 taps per second!!!!

>Tonight, we watched our DVD of the latest Hitchhikers movie, again. Alarmingly, it wasn’t the same movie as when we watched it the first time! The only rational explanation is the Effect of the Improbability Drive, i.e. each time to watch it, it’ll show you different versions….
Whatever you do, Don’t Panic.

>Tonight, I finished my local infrastructure – as far as networking is concerned. House server is installed, wrireless at 54 MB installed, etc. Next: get a new printer to connect to house server.