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>Tonight I realised how right they are. Why travel? If you want to talk about my work, you come HERE. I have heard that Stanley Kubrik refused to travel. For a number of years, I have tried to invite Michael B. Tretow (amongst other things, ABBA’s sound engineer) and Ralph Lundsten (one of the world’s finest electronic music composers). They refused to travel. So, here I am, trying to plan my work for 2007. Invite from European Commission for Luxembourg in January, keynote in York in February. I might skip Luxembourg, but for York I’m currently checking out the possibilities using trains and ferries. That’s life. Hopefully this approach will enable a low CO2 footprint.


  1. >Maybe carbon-offsetting the flights might be an idea? Cheap, and this way you can not only fly carbon-nuetral but, even better, carbon negative.

  2. >Yes, that’s a good idea. I had a look at ClimateCare and hinted to friends and colleagues to have a look at it as well.

  3. >maybe you could stop every 3 miles or so and shoot a few cows. That might help with carbon emissions. /tony

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