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Monthly Archives: March 2006

>It’s been a very intense week with Todd Winkler and Cindy Cummings at IDC at UL + Andy and Cian from Tyndall in Cork.
It’s an interesting concept we’re trying to develop, but both hardware and firmware in the Motes have a long way to go before they can be really used in performance.
My cold and flu has continued. I went to my GP on Thursday who told me that I really shouldn’t work and he presecribed some antibiotics. Today, I’ve been feeling somewhat better but still quite unwell.
Finally, the Portal Skin arrived in the IDC, from the National Sculpture factory in Cork.

>Since the Faculty Board meeting Wednesday afternoon, I’ve been increasingly sneezing and coughing. Yesterday’s lecture CS4358 was really unpleasant to deliver, as I had to struggle to both talk and get air. Last night I treated myself with a Hot Whiskey plus Irish Honey. It calmed down my coughing and definitely help to put me to sleep. Today, I decided to follow everybody’s advice and stay at home. When will science find a cure for the common cold?

>Despite a very stressful day, a letter really made me happy. It was from the skipper of M.S. DEVA in Kilbaha Bay in County Clare. They Now have full package offers including B&B, food, rest and fishing. Check out the web site,
This part of the palnet Earth is the most beatiful, relaxing and livable place I know. I just have to figure out when I can go there next. Gone fishing?

>After last week’s success, we have agreed to play this week as well in Synott’s Bar in Annacotty. We’re all rusty, but sometimes that helps to bring out darker side of the blue(s) spectrum.