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>After getting yet another thingie, the YPbPr to RGB transcoder, I finally got my AppleTV working. I’m still missing a SCART cable, but I’ve borrowed one from the DVD for the moment. It works, it’s neat. Now the only missing thing is content, i.e. video. It’s great being able to share and stream music and photos from 5 other computers. One disadvantage is that you can’t get Web Radio, as far as I’ve tried, on the thing.
So remedy the lack of content, I’ll have to define a few clever Final Year Projects to convert all kinds of video content to MPEG so that it can be imported into iTunes and played.
I still haven’t tested if it’ll do surround sound. I think I have all the formats enabled on the sound system…


  1. >I’ve been using VDR for many years now. Hope your thingie will be to that much amusement that I’ve had.Watched Star Wars episode III in HD the other day (720p). Still amazed…

  2. >Yes, there’s been a number of boxes over the last few years but most of them have been quite ugly ;-)The AppleTV is a neat little thing that easily integrates to the house infra-structure. Its software (menus, user interaction, etc) is so well designed. While, according to Apple, there’s still very little content available in Europe, I’m working on launching a number of hacks (Final Year Projects in Computer Science) to remedy this, i.e. to make all kinds of diital media accessible on this platform.

  3. >Could you tell me the make and model of your YPBPR to RGB transcoder?

  4. >I got a Keene Electronics Syncblaster RGB2c.

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