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>The other day when we were driving into the woods in county Halland, we passed the Grimmeton Radio Station. I was delighted to see the place again and that it’s now (since 2004) a World Heritage site. The station was built in 1920 by GE and further developed by a Swedish engineer, Mr. Alexandersson. It’s still in working condition.



Grimmeton Map


  1. >If you’re still in Sweden, please take a visit. You’ll find us using http://www.hitta.sePer & Sylvia

  2. >Ah, Per and Sylvia, how are you? We’re back in Ireland now after a 7 day dose of Sweden ;-)We might see you next time.

  3. >We’re alright. A late happy 50 to you. Btw, I’m turning over to 40 on saturday 😉 Time flies…CU next time.

  4. >Thanks and have a good birthday!You’re finishing the dirty thirties,entering the naughty forties,and one day you’ll also get to the nifty fifties.

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