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Over the past few days I have noticed that even without having a browser window or tab with Facebook open, suddenly you get a pop-up warning that the browser cannot authenticate over a https connection. I find this quite alarming as this implies that either, some spyware that I haven’t identified and zapped yet has come onboard the computers in question, or, that Facebook are leaving some extraordinary crap behind until you close and restart your browser, or, that other web sites are trying to exploit security holes in Facebook.

Computers used: MacBook Pro/OSX 10.5.8 and iPad (version1) iOS 4.3.3
Browsers: Safari and Firefox.

Is anybody else noticing this?

(Why OSX 10.5: it’s what I have on one of my machines. I haven’t tested this on 10.6 etc yet)


  1. Nothing on my Apple in the lab or on my old hamster powered Dell laptop with windies XP.
    Hope this is useful?

  2. Hey Mikael,

    This has probably something to do with Facebook connect


  3. Yes, it seems so.

  4. Reblogged this on Tech Survival and commented:
    I have been noticing quite a few problems with Facebook lately. This is not even including my “Trojan Horse”

  5. I have noticed a lot of little quirks happening with Facebook over the past few weeks myself.

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