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>Where I live, in Lisnagry, County Limerick, Ireland we’re having a lot of problems with illegal dumping of rubbish. You’d expect the environmental section of the local county council to do something about it. I have phoned in and emailed, numerous times, but still, I have seen no action.

At present, the situation along the little road leading down to the Pumphouse, off Mountshannon Road in Lisnagry, is absolutely horrible! If you’d like to see the rubbish, try this

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  1. >I couldn’t agree with you more on this…In general, I think the local authorities around here don’t give a toss on people belittering around. And it’s not just a problem in the countryside, but in the city as well.Would you believe an email I wrote to the local radio on this gor read live on air??? 😉 Perhaps something IS changing after all…

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