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>I visited the annual degree/diploma exhibition of the Limerick School of Art and Design – creativeVision2004. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the artistic year. Hundreds of works in all kinds of media, from ceramics, paintings, mixed media and installations to interactive media work.

Julie Fitzsimons’s ceramic lamps are really amazing, a feel of sea shells and mystery.

Briona Gallagher’s Fashion & the cross images are impressive. I particularly liked the Last Supper…

Aoife Murphy’s music and installation was really great. It really appealed to me and it’s impressive how much work she has produced, bridging the gaps between visual, auditory, spaces, places and cultures.

I also liked the stone carvings of Dolores Nally, again and exploration of male-female, retaining the integrity of the stone while making organic patterns.

Finally, I think Celene Murphy’s Shangri-La was an extremely strong video piece. Some people left during the showing. I saw it twice. I think it’s about male-female, perhaps rape, but definitely about power and violence.

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