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>After receiving offers in the snailmail about broadband, both from Eircom and Esatbt, I phoned the freephone numbers. No, still no luck with my landline. I then tried to phone Eircom to ask what’s the case if I order a NEW line to my house. Still no luck. But, they now offer a wireless option, 512 k download, 64 k upload at a cost of:

Installation: about 550 euro.

Monthly cost: 45 euro.

This is, of course, outrageous. As far as I understand, they also have caveats that if it doesn’t work in reality, you still have to pay most of the installation cost.

So next, I’ll be looking for buying a good roll of fibre optics; get the shovel; and start digging from my house to UL.

I also had an encounter with Eircom’s new CTI (Computer-telephony Integration) system (dial 1901 and try it!). You’re now supposed to SAY your response to the voice prompts. What’s really ugly is that they’ve designed the system to mimic a human operator. At the end of my trial, their computer said:

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that. Transferring you to another operator”

This reminds me, somewhat, of HAL in 2001…

“I’m sorry, I cannot do that, Dave…”

We’re goosed.

Thinking about 2001 leads me to Stanley Kubrick. I watched Clockwork Orange this evening. It’s amazing how Kubrick’s scary vision has become reality in many societies around the planet. Even some of the brand names now exist – Milk Plus.

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