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>We’ve all heard over the last couple of days how the state of alert has gone to Orange in Washington DC, New York and Newark. Why Orange? Why don’t they use Pink, Purple, or Turquoise? Based on my info-feeds, I reckon Bushie-boy and his fe****ers are just trying to do the Good Olde 1984 on the US citizens – Keep them scared.

On another note, I think it’s really strange that, in English, we call this “intelligence”. In my mind, intelligence is associated with things like IQ. Perhaps that’s why we have expressions like “military intelligence”. Assuming that the Unit of Measurement is Tary, it might make sense, i.e. milli-Tary intelligence 😉

So, to finish this one, the lowest known amount of intelligence is pT, presidential-Tary, or pico-Tary. The record holder is currently Mr George W. Bush.

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