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>It’s been a beautiful Sunday in Limerick. Sunshine, blue skies (most of the time ;-).

I went for a walk down to the river Shannon with Charlie. On our way down, I told him to find a stick so that we have something to throw (and fetch) in the river.

Well, I guess dogs are like their owners. It’s all about how you define “a stick”. Today he found a piece of a fence, or whatever it is.

Eventually we got down to the river and we found a piece of wood that was slightly easier to throw.

We also walked down to the old pipe bridge, where the river Mulkear meets the Shannon.

It’s a real pity that the bridge isn’t done up and in working order. Just imagine what a great walk, or bicycle route, this would be – all the way from Lisnagry to UL and all the way to the city.

Also, spotted some nice looking and pleasant scented orchids.

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  1. >Edward hear, just to say that the bridge is walkable, if you are careful – definitely a bit tricky for the cyclist, though!

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