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>The autumn is here! This is probably my favourite season. It’s fresh, not too warm. Despite the fact that I really love green, which we have plenty of all year in Ireland, the autumn brings out all colours of the spectrum, including some gorgeous rainbows. You get plenty of soft days 😉 Put yer wellies on and get out there!

QuickTime VR panorama


  1. >I love your panorama photo, it must be very nice where you live!

  2. >Nice Panorama Mikael, was it done with a freeware panorama maker?I’ve been taking loads of shots now that it’s autumn too, you can have a look at them at if you’re interested.cype_applejuice – iMedia

  3. >Thanks. I used Panorama Stitcher from Canon (comes with the 300D).Keep shooting!

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