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>Finally, we’re rolling. the INternational Coneference on Auditory Display ICAD2005 is on the way. Delegates have started to arrive, our organisation is kicking in. I’m really looking forward to this week, but I hope I will have the energy to see it through. It is really fantastic that after more than one year of planning, people are finally arriving here to meet and discuss. Let the Good Times Roll.


  1. >Is there really a need for a link to met eireann on the mentioned page? Would a link to a website on rain have been more benefical?

  2. >Well, at least it shows that they are trying… OTH, a link to an umbrella site might be better. As far as I have snooped around on various weather sites, the weather will improve during the week. Also, FYI, the other week we had only sunshine and it was too warm to sit outdoors in the sun.

  3. >Wow, You leave the place and the sun comes out. Is that the suns fault or mine …. 😉

  4. >I guess we should have put in a sonification of the weather forecast instead…

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