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>I’m havingthe the fivezero experience. The clock just turned midnight and I’m officially 50. It’s increadable! My brain still feels the same, my body is relatively OK. Do I feel wiser? Well, I’ve been feeling that for many years.
I just opened envelops and packages from my relatives. Great Stuff. At the end of the day, the prezzie from my brother’s family is probably the best – a fully interactive weather station that can be hooked up to one of my PCs. It’s the latest model, so they haven’t even included installation instructioons! It’s a real opportunity or the Olde hacker to get going and get it to work.


  1. >Happy Birthday!Now all you need are some radomes and a high speed satellite uplink, and you can start to compete with MetÉireann!

  2. >I had an numbernumber experience yesterday, but not going to go into the numerals involved. They aren’t significant ones. And I’m none the wiser after the day either.

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