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>The NCT is a scam. I had my car (’93 Rover) fully serviced, and then brought it for testing. One FAIL. Re-test. I brought the car back to the garage, and HONESTLY, there wasn’t any fault on the little silly rubber part they had indicated. I guess NCT is part of the backbone of Rip-Off Ireland. So, two little rubber bushings have been replaced in my car and and I’m bringing it back for a re-test. This time, I’ll carefully question their work. Who’s testing the testers?


  1. >Hey Mike, in my opinion the only reason they have the nct is the get more and more people to buy newer cars. This not only helps the economy (no really it does, ahem), but it also helps government finances, due mainly to the double taxing of new cars, this of course is to help pay for the very low levels of corporate tax and also helps sales (obviously). (and i thought we lived in a socialist country).. tony

  2. >Have has same type of experiences every time we get our cars tested. Latest after spending €550 on car preparation/service for the test I have to get a retest due to one light slightly off allignment. There goes another €27.50. What a rip off this NCT!

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