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>Did anybody consider that the bin Laden tape might have been “design by the CIA? That would be a nice and scary conspiracy story…


  1. >I would nearly believe it after reading this article, red states are easily directed in any direction one wishes their minds to go.

  2. >I doubt anyone in Europe would really be shocked.Europe is starting to gain a bit more perception on this war of terror, especially after that recent documentary airing discussing theories regarding the more insidous reasons that Iraq was invaded. reading material:

  3. >Interesting links. From my own training and experience, I would claim that “war on terrorism” is an oxymoron. I don’t agree with either, but the term “war” is definied by international treaties and obeys certain rules. Terrorism is carried out by mad or oppressed people that don’t have the political or economical power to declare war. When terrorist acquire such as status they have been renamed as freedom fighters, by some.

  4. >Well put, though perhaps the oxymoron can be solved from a linear time perspective.After all before Southern Ireland gained independence the liberation forces would have been termed terrorists by both the British and some of the native Irish(you’d be surprised). Especially so for Michael Collins whom the British secret service placed a huge bounty on his head dead or alive! By the end of the conflict Michael Collins would have died in the cause he believed in though would be remembered as an outstanding leader; intelligent, passionate and ultimately a hero of Ireland in the truest sense.

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