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>A couple of weeks ago, Digiweb offered wireless boradband in my area. Horay! I put in an order immediatly. As I live, eat and sleep on-line, I decided to charge it to work. A purchase order have been issued, check sent, but so far no sign of Digiweb… I phoned them to firm up on installation date, but the incompetent eegit at the call center “knew nothing”. That’s not a good start of a new relation.


  1. >Careful wireless can be very fickle to say the least. There are differing accounts as to how it performs, but the majority of satisfied users would say nay. Business customers generally have a slightly better time of it. The broadband forum on is a good place to get user experience on the various ISPs.Generally, if you can wait for your local exchange to get DSL enabled it could save you a lot of hassle in the future.The amount of complaints that wireless services get these days is astronomical. Maybe Digiweb might raise the standards a notch or two.

  2. >I am careful and aware of both risks and problems. Thanks. If Digiweb does not perform, I’ll take them to court. While DSL is currently a preferred option, I would like to see Optical Fibre to the People!

  3. >It would even help if they would say how long I might have to wait for the installation instead of just accepting the order while I wait and wait and wait for the call from the installation people.

  4. >I sent them a check in mid october and it took til the second week of January to get up and running.Then at the end of jan my service got slower and slower til one morning I came out and I had been cut off. They told me I had a usage spike and had uploaded 630mb between the 18th and 22nd jan. Strangely I had been out of the country with my computer powered off. Were they playing silly buggers? I don’t know but the hassle of dealing with digiweb is doing my head in!!!!

  5. >So what did you upload? I think that ma be the problem. I’m uploading a lot, e.g. lecture notes, videos, etc, but no problem. It must be some other reason. ‘m still very happy with Digiweb.

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