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>The Digiweb guys did a great job. First of all, they were on time. Secondly, they were professional and got the job done. Thirdly, the Internet connection works fine, almost at full whack. The VoIP is quite poor though. I’ll have to check if there are any settings that can tweak the voice performance.
I bought a Linksys router in Maplin’s, but the CDR that came with it is for PC/Win (Yuk!) only, and the config attempt failed. I’ll have a serious surf and read and see what can be done.
Still the speed and QoS is fine!

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  1. >Good to hear. Stay vigilant, i suspect as your area has been recently broadband enabled that contention won’t be an issue for a while. Still it is good news if Digiweb are providing a first class wireless service, a rarity in Ireland. Just take a look at the mood of the majority of IrishBroadBand customers, which can summed up as insanity induced rage due to increasingly low levels of service and competence. One guy even broke his contract and incurred the fee as performance was less than his 56k, discounting on average 40% packet loss. On that note i’d advise you to keep careful note of your latency and to watch out for packet loss. I haven’t used any Linksys routers, but don’t most modern routers provide a web interface? Usually is the default most manufacturers setup; with any default logins specificed in the manual.

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