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>I need to write. More. Better. Last night, I wrote several pages, long overdue, but I was really happy to have eventually done it. Today, a bit of proof reading and correction. Finally a number of really nice pages of text with a good flow. This evening though, I’m scatter-brained again. Can only write shorter things and too much angst and adrenalin flowing around. I should be too old for this. But no. I really love writing – both text and music. In fact, I really enjoy every way I can move patterns from my mind into the world, wether it’s a text, sketch, doodle, sound, music, design, or whatever. I tell you, it’s a strange state of mind, but that’s how it works. Unfortunately, the mind wants to output patterns that are not necessarily needed now, and the recipients that are filling my inbox with crap about “you must submit [this or that] yesterday, or else”. Hey guys, just wait a bit and I’ll surprise you all. If you can’t wait for my excellent contributions, you don’t deserve to perceive them.

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