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>John Kelly is back on air, now on RTE Lyric FM. The first week, he was on the verge of referring to trains and train drivers, but this week he seems to have settled in. Still, I wonder, why can’t he play Jimi Hendrix on Lyric?
I sent him an email yesterday, recommedning Armenian Navy Band. Today, wich was lucky, I managed to listen to half of the program over the web in real-time. I think he should choose themes (odd and awkward themes). Perhaps, for Women’s Day (I think it’s the 8th of March), do female punk rock artists? I’d love a programe with, for example, Nina Hagen.

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  1. >John Kelly is so depressing – his low gruff voice is really depressing.Also, what is wrong with this guys choice of music – totally off the wall. Rubbish! I always turn him off!

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