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Yesterday, we watched a Swedish dramadocumentary that we had received on VHS – Upp till Kamp. This inspired us to look for more stuff from the 60s and 70s Gothenburg… 😉 The video clip above is from Tältprojektet – the Tent project. It shows Sillstryparn a.k.a. Garotta Di Anchovy performing his most famous hit.


  1. >This was the Tältprojektet that you’d spoken about before, when the government cut the funding for the arts in Sweden ?Looks like a great show!

  2. >Yes indeed. And the video clip is just the tip of the iceberg. I bought a number of tracks on iTunes with Totta (who played the lead) and others. Mighty stuff.

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  4. >Det var ju inte Totta asså. De va Uffe Dageby sörrö.The singer is Ulf Dageby of Nationalteatern

  5. >Dear Anonymous, you’re missing the point as half of this discussion happens off-line. E du konsult eller?Dageby is Sillstryparn, in but the overall objective, Tältprojektet’s show, Totta as the blind Narrator played the lead (or one of the lead, rather, roles.Jobbar Du på Volvo eller?xxx CyberViking

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