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Yesterday, we watched a Swedish dramadocumentary that we had received on VHS – Upp till Kamp. This inspired us to look for more stuff from the 60s and 70s Gothenburg… ūüėČ The video clip above is from T√§ltprojektet – the Tent project. It shows Sillstryparn a.k.a. Garotta Di Anchovy performing his most famous hit.


  1. >This was the T√§ltprojektet that you’d spoken about before, when the government cut the funding for the arts in Sweden ?Looks like a great show!

  2. >Yes indeed. And the video clip is just the tip of the iceberg. I bought a number of tracks on iTunes with Totta (who played the lead) and others. Mighty stuff.

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  4. >Det var ju inte Totta asså. De va Uffe Dageby sörrö.The singer is Ulf Dageby of Nationalteatern

  5. >Dear Anonymous, you’re missing the point as half of this discussion happens off-line. E du konsult eller?Dageby is Sillstryparn, in but the overall objective, T√§ltprojektet’s show, Totta as the blind Narrator played the lead (or one of the lead, rather, roles.Jobbar Du p√• Volvo eller?xxx CyberViking

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