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>I know the Bootleggin Band is loud. Very loud. Or, as J.J. says “a wee band with a big sound”. I don’t have a problem with the big sound as long as I have hearing protection. So far, I’ve been using the cheap standard earplugs that you can buy in any pharmacy for less than a euro. But they dont give me the option to hear what I want to hear.
So, last night I ordered what I could afford from Ultimate Ears. It’ll be interesting to see (or rather hear) how it works….


  1. >..Well, the big group of M.F and the group leader, which is me…all agree that …the Bootleggin is really loud, but exciting as wellYuduo

  2. >Thanks! I just received my Ultimate Ears and will try them out in next gig. If everything else fails, just rock&roll…

  3. >sounds cool!! how did they work??Have a very merry christmas Mickael :)Lette

  4. >it works fine but I’ve only tested them at home due to being too ill to be out playing gigs right now.

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