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>Why doesn’t iTunes have a Sonic Browser? As a musician, I never forget a melody, but I seldom remember the title. Therefore, I normally use my EARS when looking for a recording, not text. I think that if Apple had a Sonic Browser they’d sell many more songs.


  1. >…ok ur gonna kick me straight off the course before I ever even apply but… whats a sonic browzer?!

  2. >No, we’ll try try to kick you INTO the course! The sonic browser is a wonderful crazy prototype we’ve worked on for 10 years or so. It can enable people to find the sound or music they are looking for 30% faster, hence if iTunes had this, people might buy 30% more music.

  3. >O_o funkay!!! sounds great… thats silly for such a great program how come they dont run with it in itunes, that would be better than having to click into every song in order to find the one your looking for… hmmm well thats something to write to apple about!! 🙂

  4. >there’s a prototype at Eoin’s site… The Mac version isn’t working but the other ones seem ok.

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