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Category Archives: AppleTV

>Why doesn’t iTunes have a Sonic Browser? As a musician, I never forget a melody, but I seldom remember the title. Therefore, I normally use my EARS when looking for a recording, not text. I think that if Apple had a Sonic Browser they’d sell many more songs.

>I was really happy yesterday evening when Galmac delivered my replacement AppleTV to my door. After half an hours twiddling of settings, everything downloaded automatically from the house server, then I updated it to AppleTV2. The new GUI is definitely more usable. The back-end integration with YouTube now works fine, which means that my favorites created from any computer now show up automatically on the AppleTV, etc.
Concerning sound, it revs up into full Dolby 5.1 surround during start-up, so I’ll have to try it out with my own surround stuff while waiting for iTunes to start to provide movies for rental in Ireland.