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>I’ve been reading my feeds on the web. Suddenly it dawned on me, not through logic but through imagination, that everything is connected – which I believe but cannot prove.
In the past week, a couple of significant events occurred.
1. Arthur C. Clarke passed away.
2. The brightest ever supernova, GRB 080319A, exploded.
The timing of the events is extraordinary!
Did he go there? What the hell happened? Is it, by any metaphysical metaphor, connected? I guess the pure fact that it got my imagination going is a proof that it makes life, and death, feel significant. What if…. How???… and the most difficult, Why?????????


  1. >Where are the monoliths?

  2. >LOL I was just going to way was there monoliths!! hahaha, and… the monkeys!!HAL… was to balme.Im not a believer of coinsidance, Clark totally finaly got to kick a super novas Butt and I believe thats what he did 🙂 I wish I could have seen it, that would be the most awsome lightshow ever! 🙂

  3. >Speaking keith and I will pop down to The Hurlers on Thursday night, can I buy you a pint? whats your poison? 🙂

  4. >The Big Bang was only visible in the southern hemisphere (after all, Sri Lanka is southern ;-). We’ll have to make do with the idea and with NASA’s images.

  5. >Regarding Thursday, yes I think we’re on. When I’m playing I’m unfortunately on Becks Non-alcoholic as getting to and from a gig requires driving.

  6. >well im the designated driver for the evening too, so ill join you in the sobriety! 🙂 lookin forward, cant wait to see you rawckin out!! 🙂

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