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>The reasons for the current global financial crisis are easier to understand if you read Leo Huberman’s Man’s Worldly Goods. We’ll al be paying for George W. Bush’s unjust (criminal) acts of war. These acts were committed for the sake of greed. Unfortunately for GWB, his creditors (Arab countries producing oil and China producing most material goods for the US) didn’t accept the flaky security of US banks (property) hence won’t sell anymore. Reult: system grinds to a halt and they need everybody else to pay.
This is unacceptable.


  1. >yeah…. its always bushs fault, and if they vote that dolt Palin and McCain in were even more screwed! I hope they dont make that mistake again!**question… have u a mail addy? or could you mail me, through this comment, with regards to applying for the Masters?Thank you…

  2. >Lette, good to hear from you. You’re very welcome to apply for the Masters in Interactive Media. You find most details at form can be downloaded from

  3. >appreciate it 🙂

  4. >Been looking for this one for a while, thought you might enjoy it:

  5. >Yes, quite valid. If you think about it, some have totally over-consumed for many years. Thanks to “globalisation” we “buy” stuff from elsewhere for next to nothing. Now, the wheel turns.

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