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>From my perspective, as a lecturer and researcher at UL, Dell represents yesterday’s computing needs. For the last few years, all the new laboratories I have specified, together with colleagues in the Computer Science and Information Systems department at UL, have been filled with Apple computers, and lots and lots of software tools and peripherals. That is the technological platform we needed to create the graduates for today, and perhaps more important, tomorrow. 

In our research, we’ve been working on Ubiquitous Computing since the late 90s and we have published extensively in internationally recognized scientific journals. Many of our research projects have been financed by the EU. We are currently looking at what will happen after the Internet, as we now know it. What I would like to indicate is that while it is very sad to see Dell and many, many subcontractors and suppliers winding down, we have a fantastic opportunity to pick and choose among new technologies that have been created here, to help to get tomorrow’s technology off the ground, facilitate real people’s needs, make organizations more efficient, enable more people to participate in an ever-increasing web of ideas and possibilities.


  1. >s, I am a Mac user myself, but its so unfortunate for those who have lost their jobs and also the families in their who are now ALL without a job. Sad News, but what bothers me most in the current climate of things is that the banks and the government are the ones who squandered our money and they are telling ‘Us’ to tighten ‘Our’ belts? makes me soooooo angry and dissapointed in thos who voted in our current government, Im glad that I voted a different party entirely!(P.s, are you going to the Blog Awards in Cork on in Feb. 21st?)

  2. >I’m as angry as you are. This effin so called government is to most incompetent shower of losers I’ve seen in my life. We’re trying our best at present to propose new projects, new companies, new jobs, but will they listen?I can’t make it to Cork the 21st, as I think we have a gig somewhere around town.

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