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With the emergence of wonderful audio apps such as Audioboo, it has become a challenge to record outdoors without the rumbling from wind hitting the microphone.
If you get some nice fluffy textile (see my note DIY Wind-jammer for Zoom H1), you can use a similar, but even simpler approach.
Cut textile
Cut a piece of the fluffy textile about 2 centimeters wider than your phone and about twice the length of the “base” of the phone.
Fold and stitch
Fold the textile with the fluffy side in and sew/stitch along the short sides.

turn inside-out, attach to phone
Turn the textile inside-out (so it gets the fluffy side out!)
Put it on your phone and record.

Happy Recording!


    • Posted 2012/06/05 at 20:05
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    Nice idea with the wind jammers, perhaps you could market them, i’d buy one for the H2N if it was reasonable, and said made in Clare or Limerick.
    PS i had to post an email and the url of a website to leave comment. I suppose I could have signed in through Facebook……

    • Thanks. Hey, this is DIY-stuff, Open Source simple-clever-stuff 🙂 I’ve designed and made enough proprietary stuff in my day. Now, I’d rather share the idea and solution and enable others to make what they need.

  1. Great idea, wind interference is a great annoyance to me.

  2. Great idea, wind interference is a great annoyance.

  3. This is great. I’ve been looking online for for something that will do this. There are no products out there I could find specifically for smartphones, which is nuts because there’s some really good recording apps and good hardware too. The challenge now is to find some fabric. Do you think it needs an elastic stitched around the opening to hold it on?


    • The green fluffy textile I found was quite elastic, so there was no need to add anything extra. Just a nice and tight fit.

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