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After a year of life transformation and an autumn of intense work, I am finally finding myself looking forward to the future, again. This year have forced me to seriously re-evaluate so many things and ideas. I’m now, more than ever, striving for that simple is better, less is more, etc. Life is much more than the work-sleep cycle. I have also found a new kind of inner stillness that I never envisaged before.

It is difficult to start writing again. It is also strange and amazing how I find myself, at this point in life, facing a completely new future. I feel grateful. But I am also scared, as all the new possibilities may be too challenging for me to live up to. On the other hand, I never give up. Obstacles may be ahead, but if so, I’ll work my way around them, underneath or somehow navigate as if they didn’t exist – or that they are not my problem. Or, perhaps redefine the problems.


  1. Powerful piece. We ought meet up someday for a coffee, maybe and a chat. I have mush to impart and a photograph to share. I called by recently; unscheduled, it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe next time.

  2. Aha, the young fella told me someone who knows me well called to the door while I was away. Yes, it’s definitely time for a meet-up and coffee!

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