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Category Archives: silence

After a year of life transformation and an autumn of intense work, I am finally finding myself looking forward to the future, again. This year have forced me to seriously re-evaluate so many things and ideas. I’m now, more than ever, striving for that simple is better, less is more, etc. Life is much more than the work-sleep cycle. I have also found a new kind of inner stillness that I never envisaged before.

It is difficult to start writing again. It is also strange and amazing how I find myself, at this point in life, facing a completely new future. I feel grateful. But I am also scared, as all the new possibilities may be too challenging for me to live up to. On the other hand, I never give up. Obstacles may be ahead, but if so, I’ll work my way around them, underneath or somehow navigate as if they didn’t exist – or that they are not my problem. Or, perhaps redefine the problems.

I’ve been using the excellent site and apps Audioboo for a couple of years. While other Audioboo makers provide stories, music, guiding, journalism or audio-blogs, I think all my Audioboo podcasts are SILENT.

This is an issue I’ve been thinking about for many years. In the mid-1960’s I read Heinrich Böll‘s story “Murke’s Collected Silences” and at that time I was fiddling with reel-to-reel tape-recorders, microphones, and in general exploring different perspectives of sound. Inspiration!

There are so many different forms of silence. A silence can be really quiet and peaceful, it can be really loud (I consider this silence as well, as you can’t have any purposeful or useful communication).

My Audioboos are available at the Audioboo site, and now also via iTunes podcasts.

Enjoy the silences!