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>We all knew it. The cuppa of cyber-espresso the morning after is essential for our health. I just browsed a paper by Jimmy Everhart that he presented at the Digestive Disease conference in new Orleans the day before yesterday. Caffeine blocks some of the harmful stuff in alcohol; hence the Olde Cuppa is pure health food. I wonder if you can have a few cups of coffee before going for a drink. Will it help?

OTH, this is the ultimate proof that Irish Coffee is absolutely harmless. The only additive is the cream and sugar. So, if any body dies from drinking Irish Coffee, it’s probably due to the additives. There’s a somewhat similar and traditional drink in Sweden that the old guys used to enjoy when I was a child – Kaffe Gök (transl. Cuckoo Coffee). The recipe is as follows:

1. Put a coin in your cup.

2. Pour coffee in your cup until you can’t see the coin anymore.

3. Pour vodka in the cup until you see the coin again.


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