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>Over the last couple of days I’ve been busy with meetings and admin, Yuk. Today it is yet another beautiful day in Limerick. I’m working at home today, writing on the PhD. When I feel stuck/frustrated/mad, I can go for a short walk down the fields and then come back and work and feel better. I snapped the image of the dragonfly, below, earlier today.

At lunchtime, I went out to Shortt’s steel workshop with one of our part-time MA by Research students, JJ Hegarty. His sound sculpture is finally coming together, full-size, in stainless steel.

Inside each structure he’s fitting a loudspeaker and a modified Theremin device. The output of the Theremins are then connected to a PC through a PICO A/D converter and the signals taken in by his pd patches that he has created for his sound designs. The final piece will be fully interactive. When people walk in between the three structures their movements will control the pd patches and the resulting sounds. We need to find a site for this piece of work, preferably indoors… Suggestions?


  1. >Very impressed by J.J.’s piece…And quite pleased with myself for knowing what a theremin is…Until recently I believed it to be some sort of shy rodent or similar 😉

  2. >You should put it at an entrance into CSG01. That way when somebody comes in to a lecture late, everybody knows about it! 🙂

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