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>So, just when I’m suffering trough food poisoning, Lui has started to post some lovely Italian recipes in her blog [Heavy sigh]. I’m stuck on soup and cracker bread plus a few pills and plenty of water.

In the RTE news on TV this evening they said that the Irish whatever authority wanted to block one of the ads for the upcoming EU election. One of the clips in the ad was a woman breastfeeding a baby. OK, it’s kinda metaphorical – having a choice (left or right;-), but Irish kids’ health would definitely benefit if more of them were fed the natural way. I find all these television ads about artificial baby food, or artificial food in general, appalling. In fact, most of the ads on the telly are bad. How many shampoos, cars, toilet papers, sanitary napkins (silly term!), wash-up liquids, etc., do we need? How about some ordinary soap! And, people are paying these companies to tell us this via the TV, through their purchases of their products,?! I would like to see more film on TV. Good film. Not Questions and Answers from Dublin (What do you think you’d find in your belly button?). Enough for tonight. Back to the loo.

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  1. >For when you’ll have recovered from your little oyster incident…I have posted a couple of recipes all dedicated to pistachios 😉

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