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>It’s all about this, isn’t it? I think we’re starting to see the scenario now. Some people are sitting on a smaller amount of oil. They love money. They see other people, who have a lot more oil, not giving an ant’s fart about them. The aforementioned people would like to make more money from oil, their own and other’s. First problem is that you can’t raise your price as the friggin Arabs has much more of it and, in fact, control the supply side of the market. So what do you do? Well, you pick one of the Arab countries and go to war. If you’re really lucky, you might even get control of their oil as well. In any case, you’ll make more money of the little rock-juice you have, as the prices go up and up and up. If, by any chance, your war-making is compromised (e.g. no weapons of mass-destruction; not bringing peace, rather torturing and killing at least as bad as it used to be), you tell you electorate that the terrorist threat is increased (while your intelligence people don’t raise the alarm, as they’ve been burnt several times already by your lies). Yes, as before, I’m writing about by view of GWB and his friends.

Why don’t we see that this oil thing is screwing us all! It doesn’t matter if we can manage to pay factory workers or nurses less to keep inflation goals. GWB, his friends, and the Arabs will wreck the industrialised world economy anyhow. And the situation is getting worse as the industrialised world is spreading. India and China’s oil consumption is currently increasing by 150-200% per year…

We need other forms of energy.

Sometimes, although it makes me a bit sad (not for my own sake, but for all the people that will suffer more if things get really difficult), I’ve been thinking about designing a sustainable place to live, especially when I get older. West Clare is so far my geographical preference. Still, it’s challenging when you ask yourself how you will heat your house, transport yourself and whatever goods, get clean water (normally not a problem in Ireland!), get light during long dark nights, grow food that won’t kill you, etc. It not easy, but it must be possible. The nice thing with West Clare is that if all things fail, there are always nice scenic cliffs around to jump from, to be recycled without any extra cost.

To close this note, I’d like to say that it is ridiculous to allow GWB to land in Ireland (Shannon) in June. The Irish government is putting Irish lives at risk by allowing this. The main risk is probably not terrorists. It is that some of GWBs security people will shoot people that are there to tell him to bugger off.

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